“Having been involved with FWEL since its inception, I’ve witnessed Melanie Cabot build an organization that invites women to learn and connect. At all levels of economic knowledge – from novice to expert – members share information, connections, and friendships.” – Melissa Gannon

“FWEL is an organization that has had a profoundly positive impact on our community.  The activities and resources the foundation offers empowers individuals to break free of financial constraints and realize that personal goals are achievable.” – Shelley Plumb

“How fortunate I am to have been introduced to FWEL and it’s wonderful founder, Melanie Cabot.  Melanie quietly, elegantly and intently brings the most amazing group of women and well researched, diverse speakers together at her events.  I applaud her for addressing the often uncomfortable concept and implications of having and not having money and how that affects one’s health, security and success.” – Andrea Greenspan

“As a speaker I’m particular about the groups and organizations with which I align. I recently spoke at FWEL on the topic of conscious living. The venue was delightful and the enthusiasm and engagement of the audience made it especially memorable.” – Michele Landers

“FWEL: A Foundation whose roots are steeped in Meaning, Mindfulness & Values to Live By!” – Lydia Sudick

“Melanie saw a need for knowledge – and didn’t ignore what she saw. Melanie shows up for us and she always finds ways to share with all.” – Patricia Wolf