Take Aways

We are so fortunate that  many fabulous speakers have shared their time and talents with our members, we feel it is imperative to post summaries of their great information and valuable advice for everyone’s benefit.

Foreclosure Blueprint

Dealing with a possible foreclosure no longer holds a negative social stigma.  During the recession, they became a norm in the landscape of American homeownership.  Anyone can find themselves in a position of possible foreclosure coming out of the times of the past...

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Divorce and Taxes

There are a number of questions and challenges that arise when going through and dealing with a divorce. When it comes to the financial aspects of the parties involved, these questions and challenges and are not always easily recognized. Seeking and...

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GovTrack.us – Comprehensive Open Data on Congress

About GovTrack.us www.GovTrack.us tracks the United States Congress and helps Americans participate in their national legislature. Launched in 2004 to advocate for greater transparency from Congress, it is one of the most visited government transparency websites in...

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Safeguarding Your Financial Information

The Foundation for Women's Economic Literacy recently co-hosted a presentation with Christina Worley, founder and managing member of Castle Wealth Management, and Melissa Gannon, financial planner with Castle Wealth Management on "How to Safeguard your Credit after...

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The Equifax Security Breach

Recent news that Equifax's database has been hacked, exposing the highly personal and confidential information of at least 143 million people in the U.S. is cause for alarm. We are sharing the following information for our FWCEL Members to protect themselves. We thank...

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Key Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

“If you do not ask the right questions, you do not get the right answers.” Edward Hodnett.  Statistics show that 75% of the future wealth will be controlled by women yet 86% of women don’t know how to invest or choose a financial service. The good news is that by...

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