There are a number of questions and challenges that arise when going through and dealing with a divorce. When it comes to the financial aspects of the parties involved, these questions and challenges and are not always easily recognized. Seeking and receiving sound financial advice and direction from qualified and experienced financial professionals helps ensure you find the right financial path and stay on it.

Michael J. Dixon, CPA/PFS at Your Planning Partners, LLC, works closely with clients, especially those who are in a transition period in their life due to the loss of a spouse through death or divorce. He assists them in creating a financial plan based on personal objectives and values, including financial goals in order to protect, preserve, and grow their wealth. Taking a holistic approach to financial planning, Michael seeks to coordinate individuals’ needs and the needs of their families.


If you are searching for questions or answers to the financial challenges you face pertaining to your divorce, Michael can be the sound advice you need to get on the financial path you desire.